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"I went to the wombwork retreat yesterday  and was blown away! Amazing ladies showed up to work on healing their wombs. Every speaker was dynamic. Every woman was so open. We sat outside and danced and sang and made it sound like a rainforest. We were brought to tears by spoken word. And we learned so much about healing our womb space, our most sacred and powerful place in our body. I even bought my first yoni egg. Thank you Fatima, for holding the most sacred space for all of us. "

                                                                                            - Wendi C.

"It was awesome!"

                                   - Jennifer H. 

Evaluation responses (names were not listed on the evaluation forms): 

"It was a pleasure to share time and space with such amazing women."


"I had a great time"


"Loved breakouts where we could get to know each other more."


"Keep doing what you are doing!"